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Our Story

Digestive issues are on the rise with 86% of all British adults having suffered with some form of gastro problem encountering symptoms ranging from bloating to crippling pain and chronic disease. In the western world we have forgotten about our gut microbes with the increase of ultra-processed foods with emulsifiers and additives which are destroying our gut. It is widely known that 70% of our immune system resides in the gut so if ignored it can cause inflammation in other parts of the body.

“ We are passionate about loving your gut, so you can love your life"

Matcha mind was developed by our founder Zoe who suffered with several gut issues for over 15 years. After years and years of battling with her skin, experiencing brain fog, memory loss, stomach pains, irritation and ‘IBS’ she had enough. After doctors prescribed her with medication that was masking the problem rather than finding the root cause, she decided to go down the path of healing her gut through diet.


Years and years of rigorous research around gut health, learning from the top gut experts in the world, she decided that she would heal her gut holistically. No more medication, no more doctors telling her it is just “IBS’. She soon realized that she had several conditions such as Candida Overgrowth, Leaky Gut and far too many blood sugar spikes that needed to be managed.


She managed to not only heal her gut but also heal from the mindset drama that came with it. 


But there was ONE problem. It was really difficult to get food and drinks in Edinburgh that was truly ‘gut friendly’. So many foods and drinks market themselves as gut friendly but are filled with emulsifiers, gums, additives or non natural sweeteners.


Zoe discovered the benefits of Matcha a few years into her gut healing journey and never looked back. With her new found energy, calm and focused mind she knew that Matcha needed to be shouted from the rooftops. As she went into all the coffee shops in Edinburgh, she realized that no one was actually selling it.

“Your gut will always feel safe”


Matcha mind is now Scotland's first ever Matcha Bar. Our Matcha Bar is based in Edinburgh (next to the beach) With a variety of health boosting, gut friendly drinks for busy bees on the go. We also provide a variety of healthy snacks that are free from any nasty’s so that you know that your gut will always feel safe. We have a variety of gluten free, dairy free, vegan and keto options available to takeaway. 

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